Image of the in her own words- unfamiliar album artwork as a vinyl sleeve against a transparent background. a fruit punch pink colored vinyl sticks halfway outside of the vinyl sleeve. The album artwork is white, and features a blurred shadow of a person standing with their hand pressed up against the blurred surface so that their hand is clearer than their figure. Across the center in black text it says in her own words. Next to that in white text it says unfamiliar.

In Her Own Words - Unfamiliar Fruit Punch

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Unfamiliar Fruit Punch

1. Nothing Left
2. Sink Your Teeth
3. I Would Sit Alone In Silence
4. Strangers
5. Silver Lights
6. Collapse
7. I Was Honest, You Were Lying
8. Reverie
9. Drag Me Down
10. Cut & Dry
11. I Could've Been