Image of the in her own words steady glow vinyl sleeve with a green and black smoke effect vinyl sticking halfway out of the sleeve. The background is transparent. The album artwork is an image of a woman standing in front of leaves and branches, photographed from her nose down to her midsection. She has short, light pink hair and is wearing a red velvet dress. She holds a glowing lightbulb. Below that in glowing yellow and white font reads "steady glow" "in her own words".

In Her Own Words - Steady Glow Green Smoke

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Steady Glow Green Smoke

1. Out of Focus
2. Serotonin
3. February Weather
4. Hum
5. Rosé by the Ocean
6. Steady Glow
7. Wonder
8. Delicate
9. Right Now
10. Disaster Case
11. Alone With You
12. Sleep It Off