The Home Team is Brian Butcher (vocals), John Baran (guitar), Ryne Olson (bass), and Daniel Matson (drums). They are a Seattle based four piece band that, in an endeavor to blend multiple different genres, has branded themselves as “heavy pop.” Baran and Matson formed The Home Team in 2013 after touring in their respective metal bands for a while. In 2015, Butcher (who also happens to be the first person to ever purchase their original EP with the first singer) auditioned, and being a genuine fan of the band, made for the perfect new addition. Olson entered the fold in 2019 after meeting and clicking on tour.

The Home Team emerges from more traditional pop-punk and metal influences; they have introduced stylings of R&B, pop and funk into their music in an effort to be true to their tastes while crafting their heavy pop sound. The band has gone to great lengths to be creatively genuine with their audience, which has rewarded them many times over with an extremely dedicated and passionate fan base. Having shared stages with bands such as Don Broco, Senses Fail, and Real Friends, the band is set to take their captivating show to the UK in December of 2023 supporting The Used. The Home Team uses unique production to bring their electrifying performance to life. Having released immersive albums such as Better Off and Slow Bloom, this enigmatic band will continue to grow and evolve their music for the purpose of creating something unlike anything that has come before. The band is gearing up to share their new single Loud. "Beyond the obviously sexual subject matter of the song, Loud is about finding your confidence in giving 110% to things that may be outside of your immediate comfort zone," says Butcher about the forthcoming track, out now via Thriller Records.



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