Joey Fleming - Vocals   |   Ian Berg - Guitar   |   Andretti Almalel - Guitar   |   
Eric Ruelas - Bass   |   Omar Sultani - Drums

Let’s get one thing clear here:
In Her Own Words are ready to climb every mountain they have to, as they ascend every music scene that they have clawed to be a part of. The band has written their most magnetic music to date, which is anchored by the lead single “Leaving Forever.” This time out, IHOW has swung for the fences, and connected with a smash that is surely going to connect with all of their extremely loyal fans and strangers alike. There is something that is always familiar about Joey Fleming’s soulful vocal style, like your favorite hoodie, it just warms you up. When you mix the cold winters of upstate NY, with the palm trees and haze of Los Angeles, you get a powerful blend of dream versus reality. That is exactly what IHOW is. Aggressive instrumentation and pop shimmer at the same time. Salty and sweet, with the energy of 5 firing pistons ready to take on the world. WATCH OUT, here they come.


Matty Arsenault
Reclaim Music Group

Ricky Butt
Reclaim Music Group

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