Luke Bovill - Vocals   |   Ryan Neish - Bass   |   Rory Gault-Gordon - Guitar   |   Peter Bunting - Drums

Bursting out of the green fields of Scotland, HappyDaze are here with massive hooks, soaring over a lush bed of shimmering guitars. Make no mistake, HappyDaze is here to make sure you are having a great time, all the time. Carefully crafted instrumentals collide with introspective lyrics that often sound like the clouds and sun are in a battle for the great blue sky. It’s rare to find a band whose music belongs at the skate park, a house party, and running to catch the metro all at the same time, but that’s exactly what HappyDaze is. A wonderful blend of sunshine and clouds, that you need sunglasses and a rain jacket for, happydaze is sure to be a playlist favorite.


Matt Powles

Mark Threlfal

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