Kailee Morgue pours her heart and mind into her songwriting and the result is a genre-bending dark pop experience. A gifted vocalist, Kailee grew up in Phoenix and was immediately surrounded by music which would influence her for life. Kailee’s ongoing exploration of identity embeds itself deeply into her music. She makes a point to use her songs as a way to heal her inner child and teenager giving us her unique “coming of age vibes.” Kailee draws influence from and is fueled by other forms of media and art, specifically her love of books, coming of age movies, and 90s soap operas. Her ability to navigate between sounds seamlessly — from haunting to sweet — is what gives Kailee her unique edge in the sea of pop. Ultimately, Kailee’s songwriting, for her, has been a tool of survival and healing her inner teenage. Now, her story is ready to help heal others, too. That common connection that Kailee incites in us all is ultimately what pushed her music into virality in 2016. A video for her chilling song “Medusa” took over the Internet and she worked with C.J. Baran (CARLY RAE JEPSEN, PANIC! AT THE DISCO, AND BEA MILLER) to polish the track. Across her whole discography, she’s accomplished over 150 million streams in total. Moreover, her release “Headcase” sampled the Pixies and featured HAYLEY KIYOKO. Next for Kailee is a release that will feel just as timeless as the universal human experience.


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