The Home Team Share Heartwarming New Music Video For Single, "Walk This World With Me"

The Home Team Share Heartwarming New Music Video For Single,
Heavy-pop band, The Home Team, are sharing their new music video for their single, "Walk This World With Me" via Thriller Records on June 14. The track can be found on the band's highly-anticipated full-length album The Crucible Of Life due out July 12. Fans can find recently released songs such as their double feature release "Roommates // Overtime" and previously released singles "Hell," "Brag" and Loud" on the upcoming record.
The Home Team steps outside their comfort zone with "Walk This World With Me." Showcasing a new sense of softness, the band highlights their ability to create new dynamics as they push the boundaries of their music with this refreshing ballad. The track's imagery carries on the theme of past videos, poetically-written lyrics flash across the screen adding a heartwarming aspect fans are sure to fall in love with.
"I personally have a really soft spot for ballads, but to be honest it was kind of a battle deciding whether or not to make one for this album. The softness isn’t always representative of our sound, but when the idea for this song’s chorus came to me, I was really driven to see it all the way to the end. It is definitely a spiritual successor to Slow Bloom’s “Another Night Alone With You” but I feel like this time, I got to take everything I learned from the first time around and make an even better song to carry the “ballad” torch. I also feel like this song is just a happy ending to ANAWY.” - Brian Butcher, lead vocalist.
"This album is aptly named after how it felt to create it. Before Slow Bloom, it had been such a grind for us to get to that point that we felt as though the world was hardening us, only to realize that once we were able to make music our career and meet our goals, that intensity basically just doubled. We no longer had the luxury of being at home nearly as much, and there was a lot more pressure on making sure that this album lived up to Slow Bloom. We do however totally feel like we’ve come out the other side so much more unified in what we’re looking for a stronger for it."- Brian Butcher, lead vocalist.