RILEY Unveils Sleek New Record, CITY OF ANGELS Accompanied By New Music Video For Single, "MONCLER"

RILEY Unveils Sleek New Record, CITY OF ANGELS Accompanied By New Music Video For Single,

 Alternative-R&B artist, RILEY has shared his tranquil new album CITY OF ANGELS on October 7. Alongside this release comes RILEY's new music video for "MONCLER."  CITY OF ANGELS intertwine 11-tracks full of chromatic tones delivering a frigid presence. RILEY takes listeners on a futuristic journey embodying familiarity as fans listen through this record.

"My new album, CITY OF ANGELS, is about the evolution of my life in Los Angeles. During the time I made this record, I took control of myself again. I channeled all the loss, pain, and addiction that had plagued me for years and created this body of work that represents not only what I've been through but also where I'm going." Says RILEY about the new record.
In addition the release of CITY OF ANGELS RILEY has released a new music video for "MONCLER" the track is dosed in silky melodies that play lightly alongside cushioned vocals.
"MONCLER is, at its core, a song about the healing journey after a toxic break up. It's about the person I became when I pulled myself up from the chaos of a failed relationship and put in the work it took to become a better version of myself. This is my healing anthem about how much better life has become and how hard I've worked for the success I have achieved and will continue to achieve throughout my career." RILEY says regarding the single.
"When I was making the video for 'MONCLER' I just wanted to have fun. My last few videos had been either heavy on a storyline or using big, in your face pastel palettes and I wanted to do something this time that went back to the simplicity of everything that I cherish deeper now. It's just me, my daughter, and my music on a beautiful Southern California day." Says RILEY about the tracks new video.