Outline In Color Share Brisk New Video For 'Stay Away,' Featuring Benny Scholl Of AVOID

Outline In Color Share Brisk New Video For 'Stay Away,' Featuring Benny Scholl Of AVOID
Post-hardcore band, Outline In Color are sharing their enigmatic new video for "Stay Away" on February 22. The track features AVOID lead vocalist, Benny Scholl.


"Stay Away" transitions in from a frenzied introduction to a descending first verse. The track produces waves of powerful melodies that intertwine with an overall ambiguous tone. Lead vocalist's Michael Skaggs and Benny Scholl feed off each other's chaotic energy making for electrifying chemistry. The video's frigid visual highlights an intense atmosphere.


"“Stay Away” is about knowing in your heart you don’t have the strength to defend yourself from the people that take advantage of you. There are some people that are hopelessly toxic and will only continue to hurt and abuse you as long as you let them. Stay away from those people.” Says the band about the track.


Coast Is Clear intertwines cool undertones with contrasting frantic hooks. Chaos ensues from the second the tracks hit, displaying an array of distressing yet crisp vocals throughout. The record draws fans in, producing addicting sounds on a vast scale to collect new listeners into their fanbase. The album features Loveless, Michael Swank, AVOID, and Chris Roetter and was produced by Hiram Hernandez and Andrew Baylis.


"A decade of writing about our daily lives has led us here, to what feels like the beginning of our career. With an opportunity to finally share our most personal experiences with the world. This record is a reflection of our feelings during the pandemic, our stories from life on the road and personal struggles we faced to make it to this point. We hope this collection of songs will serve as a history book for the underdogs. The people who stay in the shadows from their own insecurities. The artists who wake up daily with an overwhelming feeling of imposter syndrome. We hope to serve as a looking glass into taking control of your own destiny and staying true to who you are. The album is a painting of our journey to realizing ourselves, our realization that the coast is clear." Says the band about the album