Outline In Color Release New Track + Music Video "Quicksand" feat. Michael Swank

Outline In Color Release New Track + Music Video
Friday, July 1, 2022 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, post-hardcore outfit Outline In Color has released their new single and music video "Quicksand" featuring Michael Swank of Foxera. Speaking on today's news, Michael Skaggs shares:
"'Quicksand' is about the moments in life where we become so consumed in what those around us are doing wrong, that we forget to look within. Often times when pointing out the flaws in others, we forget that we are sinking too. For me, this song was about processing trauma and learning to grow from the person I've been, and accepting myself for the person I'm becoming."
Prior to today, Outline In Color released their track "Snakebit" and announced their signing to Thriller Records. Watch the music video for "Quicksand" here or at the link below, and stream the track here.