Kailee Morgue Unveils Refreshing New Track, "Good Day To Be My Dealer"

Kailee Morgue Unveils Refreshing New Track,
Alternative-pop artist, Kailee Morgue unveils her blooming single "Good Day To Be My Dealer". The track is the follow-up release to Kailee Morgue's recent release, "Queen Bitch" and can be found on her forthcoming debut album, Girl Next Door, due out October 28.
"Good Day To Be My Dealer" engulfs fans into a scene of vulnerability. Kailee Morgue locks down the specifics of mentally challenging days while twisting it in a catchy and relatable hooks. Music throughout the track showcases itself in a glossy light to its contrasting subject matter.

"This song started as a funny thought I had to myself of "a bad day for me is a good day for my dealer." I knew I wanted to write about it but not in a way that glorifies how crippling mental illness can be. The lyrics are very candid and truthful. The specifics of pacing around CVS waiting for my prescription and going on this rollercoaster of highs and lows in a matter of 3 minutes has been my mental experience my whole life and I'm so glad I could pin that down with this song!" Says Kailee Morgue about the song.
Girl Next Door is now available for pre-order.