Kailee Morgue Shares Bold New Track, "Queen Bitch"

Kailee Morgue Shares Bold New Track,
Alternative-pop artist, Kailee Morgue reveals her sassy new song "Queen Bitch" on September 22. The single draws fans into a world of self-certainty. The track can be found on her forthcoming debut album, Girl Next Door, due out October 28.
"Queen Bitch" submerges listeners in a theme of confidence. Kailee Morgue explores a bold subject matter, while appearing to beam courage she acknowledges a contrasting feeling of losing value. Melodies formulate a smooth sound delivering hypnotizing sound.
"I wrote 'Queen Bitch' after listening to 'Celebrity Skin' by Hole front to back and I just wanted to present this cocky attitude that comes from a place of insecurity. Knowing that the industry is built to capitalize on the exploitation of young women. What might seem like a message of self praise is more just making fun of myself and over compensating." Says Kailee about the new track.
Girl Next Door is now available for pre-order.