If Not For Me Share Highly-Anticipated New Album, Everything You Wanted and Unveil Single "Tragedy"

If Not For Me Share Highly-Anticipated New Album, Everything You Wanted and Unveil Single
Harrisburg, PA — If Not For Me are sharing their massive new album "Everything You Wanted" on March 29. The band is also sharing their single "Tragedy," which follows swiftly behind the release of "No Thanks To You," the title track Everything You Wanted" and singles "Alone," "Blameless," "Feel Me Now" and "Demons."
If Not For Me kicks off their album release with their explosive single, "Tragedy." The track erupts into an electrifying sound that carries out an addictive glow. "Tragedy" binds together brutal screams with smooth clean vocals. The band creates a fiery atmosphere throughout the song's music video, highlighting their ability to design a theme that's unique to who they are.
““Tragedy" is a little bit of an outlier to the record, but it’s important to me to be able to write about things I don’t talk about very often every now and again. When I do this, I often try to take inspiration from things happening around me. I wrote Tragedy about the state of the world my generation is inheriting. I think a lot of us have kind of accepted the fact that most of us are never going to retire. We’re never going to own a house, or be able to afford the kind of lives our parents and grandparents had. We’re constantly experiencing record high and low temperatures, mass shooting events, political discourse, economic collapses, systemic and prejudicial violence, etc. We’re so tired of living through tragic historical events and feeling like our leaders don’t care to make the changes necessary for a sustainable future. We’re set up simply to survive instead of thrive, and much of that feels like failure by design. The tag line “We were born into tragedy” perfectly sums up what I wrote this song about.” - Patty Glover, lead vocalist.

"I wrote most of this record from a place of grief, hindsight, and healing from the past several years of my life. Most of my life has been spent in a state of not really wanting to be around anymore, but not necessarily knowing why that is. Back in 2019, I decided to end a very long term relationship because I felt like I needed to make some changes for myself to figure out why I was so unhappy. In the process I made a lot of awful choices and hurt people that were very important to me just trying to make myself happy, because I didn’t know why I was hurting or what I wanted or who I even was. And I spent the next several years in a downward spiral getting progressively worse and ended up in the most toxic, on and off relationship I've ever experienced. I made so many mistakes and ruined so many things for myself and others, and allowed myself to be used and manipulated in ways I still don't even know the extent of. I did so many things I'm not proud of and had to learn a lot about who I was and who I didn't want to be. Most of the songs I wrote for this album came directly from those experiences, and are an outlet to hopefully help put that chapter of my life behind me. A lot of them are extremely personal to me and come from places of anger, sadness, and confusion. And it's been really vindicating hearing some of the feedback we've gotten from fans because it seems like the themes I'm touching on are really coming through and resonating with people. I want our listeners to hear these songs and understand that it’s okay to feel angry, or sad, or guilty about the things we can’t change, whether or not we’re the ones to blame. These feeling are all integral to the healing process, and feeling something at all means that we actually care and want to accept change. All we can do is choose who we want to be going forward." Says Glover regarding the new record.


“The title, “Everything You Wanted” has a couple intended meanings for me personally. It comes from a place of longing to find out who you really are outside of other people and understanding what you actually want out of life, which has been a major climb for myself to face over the years and a journey that will most likely never truly end. But it also serves as a bit of a sarcastic jab to ourselves and others who have wronged us in ways that feel irreparable. I just really wanted to convey that harsh but fair attitude of “These are the choices you’ve made, I hope it was everything you wanted,” which is something I’ve had to say to myself and others so may times. But I’m extremely excited for everyone to hear this record and see their interpretations of everything, and if there’s anyone at all out there who actually gets something meaningful out of these words and experiences, that makes it all worth it.