Honey Revenge Share Their Explosive New Track, "Recipe For Disaster"

Honey Revenge Share Their Explosive New Track,
Pop-rock duo Honey Revenge are sharing their fresh single, "Recipe For Disaster," on May 24 via Thriller Records. The track is the band's first single since their debut album Retrovision and will be featured on the extended version of the album due out August 2024. Retrovision released in 2023 and features fan-favorite singles, "Airhead," "Rerun" and "Distracted."
"Recipe For Disaster" slams in with electrifying pop-melodies underlined with an alternative edge. Honey Revenge wraps relatable lyrical themes of battling with internal discussions in a contrasting groovy beat. This new track radiates anthematic hooks, making it sure to be a repeat song for the summer.
""Recipe For Disaster" is for the over-thinkers. Life is full of so many “what ifs” and it’s easy to let those questions take over and keep you from enjoying important moments. The lyrics are a journey of spiraling out over those aimless thoughts that keep you up at night, but realizing that doing so is a recipe for disaster in the end. The lyrics express my curiosity for where I’ll be a year from now, wondering if I’ll become more level headed. There’s an internal discussion regarding my struggles with change and pondering what “could’ve been” if certain scenarios played out differently. As the song progresses, I come to the realization that the only thing being so serious about every little detail will do, is distract me from the present and take away from big accomplishments." Says lead vocalist Devin Papadol about the new track.
"Recipe For Disaster" is the duo's first release since their critically acclaimed debut album, Retrovision that took the world by storm in 2023.
"Retrovision is an album of duality. It touches on an internal struggle with control and relationships. I put a lot of myself into the people I care about and just as much as I get my energy and drive from them, they can also suck the life out of me. I experience emotions in extremes and did my best to convey and process those intense feelings through the writing of these songs. I pose the question “am I the victim or the problem?” with songs like “Murphy’s Law” where I dive into my experience with a string of bad luck, or “Habitual” where I assess how much of that bad luck stems from my own negativity. The album displays the range within Honey Revenge. From our poppiest and most melodic songs to tracks like “Sensitive” that showcase our Emo roots. All of these themes are captured through a rose colored lens… or a violet colored lens. The aesthetic of the record is draped in shades of purple and pink. Papadol says about the new album.
Merch for Retrovision and new vinyl variants are now live.