Dark Divine Share Gruesome Single "Terrifier"

Dark Divine Share Gruesome Single
Hard-rock band Dark Divine are sharing their brutal new song "Terrifier". The track can be found on the band's forthcoming debut full-length record, Deadly Fun, produced by Zach Jones (Chelsea Grin, We Came As Romans, Fit For A King) is due out September 8 via Thriller Records.
"Terrifier" introduces itself by chanting the word "Terrified" in an unsettling way. The track gradually ascends into a melody-driven verse that explodes into an undeniably catchy chorus. Dark Divine drapes the track in heavy rock-sounds while transitioning between an ear worm of hooks. "Terrifier" hones in on the band's versatility in creating new music.
"I wanted to write “Terrifier” about internal struggles with anxiety. Anxiety can make one incorrectly feel as though they are the cause for problems in their own lives as well as the lives of those around them. I wanted to write a song that describes struggle but also acknowledgment of anxiety. Coming to terms with it and attempting to do away with it." Say lead vocalist Anthony Martinez about the single.
"Each song has its own message but the whole album is based on different individuals' fear of literal, spiritual, or emotional death. It explores what it's like going through daily life and never knowing what's around the corner, down a hallway, or in the basement. Like walking through a mystery funhouse or a creepy carnival. It's fun but also terrifying at times. Without that fear, everything would be taken for granted." Says Martinez about the forthcoming record.
Deadly Fun plays with themes of the fear of different types of death from emotional, spiritual and literal. Dark Divine explores anxious feelings throughout worry and doubt as they create graveyard storylines laced in the mystery of a freak-show funhouse.