Catch Your Breath Release Highly Anticipated Debut Album, Shame On Me, Share Hard-Rock Anthem "Dying On The Inside"

Catch Your Breath Release Highly Anticipated Debut Album, Shame On Me, Share Hard-Rock Anthem
Four-piece hard rock band Catch Your Breath are releasing their long awaited debut album, Shame On Me. Alongside this release comes the band's brand new single "Dying On The Inside," this new song is accompanied by previously released singles, "No Evil," "Savages" and "21 Gun Salute." Shame On Me will also include the critically acclaimed "Dial Tone" and their fan-favorite title track.
Catch Your Breath holds nothing back with "Dying On The Inside." This new song introduces itself with stand-out vocals that crash against bold rock tones. The track showcases the band's ability to bind together melancholy lyrics with powerhouse music. This contrast makes for an addicting pair, leaving fans wanting more.
""Dying On The Inside" was written as a description of the despair and exhaustion everyone experiences in this day and age. With the fucked up world we live in now, and seemingly nothing on the horizon hinting at a change for the better, everyday seems tougher than the last, and a sense of hopelessness is an all too familiar feeling we’re becoming very accustomed to.” Says lead vocalist, Josh Mowery, about the new track
Shame On Me cultivates a relatable story, as Mowery takes fans and new listeners on a life-long journey. The record hones in on crafting a tale of trauma and mental health. Each track is laced with vulnerability connecting with the band's fanbase as they explore revelations of triumphant through the passion of music.
“Shame On Me is an accumulation of songs written about my past. My journey to my early adulthood. Every song is attached to a significant point in my life, or someone in my life at one point or another. Hopefully these songs reach people, and help them heal, much like music did for me growing up.” Says Mowery about the debut album.