Call Me Karizma Shares Ambient New Single "Down" With AViVA

Call Me Karizma Shares Ambient New Single
Alternative-pop artist, Call Me Karizma shares his luminous new single "Down," accompanied by emo-pop artist AViVA.
"Down" showcases sounds of alternative-pop with vocals that appear effortlessly, dancing alongside captivating melodies. Both Call Me Karizma and AViVA showcase their vocals gracefully. As the artists collaborate in a complimentary way, "Down" makes for a bold and engaging track.
""Down" is about that moment between hurting and healing. There are times in life when things are still to raw or fresh to find perspective and "Down" is a song caught in that space… just before the sun comes out from behind the clouds, or we reach the surface of the water to take a breath… when perspective finally settles in." Says AViVA about the song.
"A few years ago, me and AViVA were in the studio with David Pramik, and we wrote this song in about an hour. AViVA had to go back to AUS, so the production never got finished. At the end of November, 2022 I stumbled across the demo in my email and messaged AViVA and in 2 weeks we had this absolute banger of a song. A rock anthem about finally sticking up for yourself in a relationship, and not allowing yourself to be treated like sh*t!" Says Call Me Karizma about the new track.