Call Me Karizma Drops New Single + Music Video "Young, In Love & Depressed AF"

Call Me Karizma Drops New Single + Music Video
Genre-blending hip hop-and-rock artist Call Me Karizma has released his latest track "Young, In Love & Depressed AF". Speaking on today's release, Karizma shares:
"Years ago I wrote this song with my good friend and producer, Skimmy. The line just came to me right when I started listening to the music, and I thought to myself “this is like the real-life version of that Khalid song.” This was only a short time after his record that went “Young, dumb, broke, high school kids” blew up, but I felt that I couldn’t really relate. Though I was pretty broke, I was an early-twenties guy, trying to manage love, sadness, and life in general. 
This is the anthem for all people, no matter their age or circumstance. Everyone at some point has felt in love and depressed as f*ck. Years later, especially with the mess the world is in, I feel that it’s time for the world to hear this song."
Prior to today's release, Call Me Karizma released fan-favorite track "Dead Body" and previously "DELINQUENTS" which together has garnered over 1 million streams and counting across platforms. Stream "Young, In Love & Depressed AF" here, and watch the music video here.