AVOID Share New DIY-Style Music Video For "B0RED"

AVOID Share New DIY-Style Music Video For
Heavy rock band, AVOID are now sharing their self-shot new music video for their song “B0RED,". The track can be found on the band's energetic monumental record Cult Mentality out now.
"B0RED" highlights lead vocalist Benny Scholl in an ultraviolet atmosphere while careening through the dull haze of summer. The visual showcases Scholl in a vintage-like lens creating a humble, yet hypnotic feel. The track echoes a massive chorus, putting emphasis on clean vocals with a notable rasp paired with mammoth guitars. "B0RED" sounds like a rocket ship blasting off into the stratosphere, while creating a vibe with Scholl’s soaring melody. The band has never sounded bigger.
"We're very stoked to share this video for B0RED! We actually shot this video on an off day on tour about a year ago in Florida. It's really supposed to be a vibe more than anything. We've never done a video like this before and it's really cool to see it come to life. Chris our guitar player shot and edited the whole thing too so it's awesome to see a fun internal project see the light of day!" Says Scholl regarding the new video.