AVOID Releases Hypnotic Single "Can't Take This Away"

AVOID Releases Hypnotic Single
Metalcore band, AVOID unveil their hyperactive single “Can't Take This Away. The track can be found on the band's forthcoming record Cult Mentality due out November 4.
"Can't Take This Away" showcases the band's ability to create new dynamics within their sound. AVOID branches into an electrifying world of graceful transitions. AVOID threads catchy melodies with combustions of hardcore, devouring stagnant hooks and reconstructing metalcore.
""Can't Take This Away" is one of the tracks we’re the most proud of! We got to experiment a lot on this song, while also still finding a way to make it us. It sparked from us taking a stab at re-imagining a song from our 2018 record Alone and we just couldn’t get it right, so we shifted focus, left a couple little Easter eggs of course, and pretty quickly that turned into "Can't Take This Away”" Says lead vocalist Benny Scholl about the new track